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siren_tavern's Journal

An Open Forum RPG Tavern
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A crude wooden sign swings lonely on an iron hanger. “The Siren” is burned out in crude script that is worn from the weather. A warm light glows from the windows as the smells of rich food and drink waft from the door which is slightly ajar. The sounds of laughter and music can be heard dancing among the winds.

Welcome to The Siren!
This is an open RPG forum that is as flexible as your imagination. ALL walks of life are welcome here, from the seasoned RPer to someone who just wants to get their “feet wet”.

The owner of the tavern is Raevenwolf Bloodfang, a half elf/half dwarf with a tongue to match.

There are a few rules here, as most establishments have them. Failure to abide by them will cause the Orc bouncer, Shrogg, to toss you out on yer bum.

- Weapons are to be checked at the door. NO EXCUSES. I understand that thieves carry several daggers, as any good thief does, but the daggers are not allowed to cross the threshold, sorry. (In other words, NO fighting what so ever.)
- Familiars are welcome, provided that they are well mannered and you clean up after them. ;)
- There are no restrictions on race or profession. Demons to angels, thieves to paladins, are welcome. .(Being that there is no fighting indoors, your powers are pretty much meaningless.) If you are from another realm or universe, that’s fine. But if you’re Harry Potter or a Klingon, you better have a good reason as to why you’re here.
- OOC posts are ok, just make a note of it, somewhere.
- You are allowed to comment on someone elses post, unless that character specifies no comments.
- Each “post” is a separate action or conversation going on. If you wish to interact with that character, simply “reply” in the comment. (Unless noted otherwise.)
- You are not required to do a character sheet, but it does make it easier for us to interact with you. (I will provide one, just scroll down =) )
- You are not allowed to use another character in your posts, unless you have permission by the character’s owner.
- Mysidia, Raevenwolf, Feja, Akahsha, Chalis, and Pergy are my characters. If you wish to use them in your RP’s, please contact me. (Shrogg is my husband’s and you cannot use.)
- Posts may be NC-17, but they MUST be behind a cut. NO EXCUSES.
- Anything over a paragraph, please put it behind a cut and spare our friend’s lists a bit. Thanks. =)
- Have fun! This RP is what you make of it. You can make your story as in depth as you want to be or simply a way to casually interact with other RPers. You are not obligated to have a character background story.

Character Sheet.
Name of your character:
Alignment (Good, evil, neutral):
Character’s Profession:
Race (if it is a race you’ve created, please specify):
Description of what they look like (also add any special markings they have, tattoos, woad, piercings, clothing, armor, if they have a familiar/animal companion.)
Where do they hail from?:
A brief character background:
Personality (Shy? Outgoing? Goofy? Bubbly?):
Do you have a picture of your character? (Not required):