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On Dark and Stormy Eve [Jun. 29th, 2006|10:24 pm]
An Open Forum RPG Tavern


( ooc: Since there is nothing yet, thought i would start something. Delete it if not appropriate:)

The sun had set nearly an hour ago, not that on this day anyone had seen the sun. Dark gray clouds had covered the sky all day, rolling like waves of darkness. A few rain squalls had drenched the land during the day, but as the sun was setting, the clouds opened up in such a way as to make it seem as though the land was going to drown.

Two horses moved through the downpour. Slowly and purposely coming closer to the Tavern, their riders wrapped deeply in dark cloaks, hoods raised well over their heads. Water rolling of of them in rivers, they stopped in front of the Tavern, and slowly dismounted and looked around. If they expected boys or anyone to come and take their horses they were sorely mistaken. In this weather nothing moved, so they hitched their mounts near the eaves of the building, and moved towards the door.

Entering they stopped and looked around, as they removed their drenched cloaks to reveal two men. One was dressed in fine robes of black and dark gray. A wide leather belt was wrapped around his waist twice, holding belt pouch and a simple sword. A turban was wrapped around his head, a veil covering the lower part of his face that revealed only eyes of green.

The other man was dressed in breeches and doublet, a long leather traveling coat over them all, that flared around the ankles of his knee high leather boots. A long dagger hung from his belt, and was the only sign of weapons on him, and as he stepped forward a few steps he adjusted a large leather bag that hung from a leather strap over his left shoulder ...

[User Picture]From: redaryl
2006-06-30 02:24 pm (UTC)
After seeing the two men off in the distance, for she had extremely good night-vision, she decides to follow them. They look purposeful and perhaps they could use the services of someone like her. The woman with fairly short, almost black hair and bright blue eyes is a little taller than the average woman but is still extremely agile. She is dressed all in leather; a leather vest that leaves part of her chest and most of her arms exposed, a belt with various containers and ties, one of which holds her large knife, knee-length leather leggings and boots that come to just below her knee. There are also strips of leather tied around her wrists and like a headband around her head.

She quickly packs her belongings, dumps some water over the embers of her former fire and throws on her well-oiled leather duster with it's large hood to keep the rain out of her eyes. Then she exits the overhang near the trail and softly whistles for her horse. The horse, which she considers a friend, trots back from where she had been snacking on grass a short distance away. Just as she slings her pack over the back of the horse and starts rubbing it's neck, another of her friends exits the overhang she just left, walks up to her and licks the back of her exposed knee. She reaches down and rubs the head of a medium sized dark gray wolf, which proceeds to stretch to recover from his nap. Then the wolf runs a circle around the horse, stops in front of the horse, drops his front legs and yips as if asking the horse to play with him.

"Not right now, Malachi. We're leaving, " says Arylene as she crouches down to give him a consolation scratch behind the ears.

She follows but keeps a safe distance behind the two men. She knows they are probably aware of her prescence but since this is a well-traveled road hopefully they aren't too suspicious of her. Watching them enter the tavern, she decides to wait outside for a few minutes before entering. While waiting, she dismounts and removes her pack from the horse. Arylene leans her face against the horse's cheek, strokes it's neck and whispers something in it's ear. She pulls back, smiles at her friend and says, "Go." The horse backs up a step, shakes it's head and walks toward the edge of the woods they've just exited.

Arylene turns toward the Tavern taking in the surroundings, including locations of windows, doors and if there are people milling around outside. Interestingly enough the Tavern and surroundings seem relatively empty. She listens to the night for a moment but can't hear anything but the rain pounding on the surrounding trees, the hood of her jacket and the roof of the Tavern.

She walks towards the tavern door slapping her thigh to tell the wolf to come with her. When she enters the Tavern she's surprised to find it fairly empty. She orders a beer from the bar keep and picks a table in the corner. There she removes her jacket, throws it over an empty chair, sits and snaps her fingers and points at the ground, in response to which the wolf lays down on the floor, butt to the wall with his eyes on the room. She wonders how long it will take this place to fill up.
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[User Picture]From: mordread4u
2006-07-04 02:34 pm (UTC)
After a few moments of looking around, the man in the robes moves towards a table in the middle of the room, while the man in the leather coat goes to the bar where he places an order for food and drink. Then turning, he slowly walks back to his companion, while at the same time looks at the other two patrons of the tavern. One, a man with a large axe that was there before them, and the second a woman who came in as they were sitting down.

Pulling a chair out, he takes off the leather coat and bag, and drapes them over the back of the chair. Thesitting he speaks to his companion, not too loudly, but enough to be overheard. "Simple fare my lord, as I said, but since you insist on frequenting small dives, I suppose it shall suffice."

The man opposite him, raises a gloved hand slowly to his face and lowers the veil of the turban revealing a round face, accented by a moustache and gotee. His full lips curve in a smile that reaches his now gray eyes as he answers. "Baldrick my friend we can not always dine in palaces, and this is what there is on the road."

A soft harumph escapes from Baldrick's throat as he leans back in his chair patting the leather bag. "I suppose it is a good thing I packed my medicines. I fear that even if my lord does not get food poisoning from eating here, I at least will."

After the veil Baldrick's companion reaches up and removes the turban revealing short cropped salt and pepper hair, except for a short tail at the back that is wrapped in a silver ring with a black stone set in it. And while the tail reaches down to just above the shoulder blades, the removal of the turban's wrappings reveal two leather cords hanging from the ring, each of them holding nearly a dozen or so small bones, which upon closer look can not be misstaken for anything except bones from fingers. "Trust me Baldrick.", he said with a smile, then leaning forward to place elbows and forearms on the table went on. "You shall not die here. From all looks, it is a nice clean well run establishment, and the aromas coming from the kitchen are enticing to me."

A deep sigh escapes Baldrick as he briefly looks around. "As you say my lord Mordread as you say. I suppose I should find out if they have any rat infested rooms for the night with flea ridden matreses for us to sleep on.", all said in a monotone voice full of resignation.

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