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This guy walks into a tavern... [Jun. 29th, 2006|02:26 pm]
An Open Forum RPG Tavern


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Lemme first get started by showing who actually is walking into the tavern...

Name of your character: Ben (forgive the lack of fantasy, but I think I'm character enough, I'll just play myself for now)

Alignment (Good, evil, neutral): True Neutral with leanings towards Chaotic and Good

Character’s Profession: Right now, just a wanderer, though I'm looking for a job if the Inn will have me

Race (if it is a race you’ve created, please specify): Giant by some standards, but all in all I'm just a really tall human

Description of what they look like (also add any special markings they have, tattoos, woad, piercings, clothing, armor, if they have a familiar/animal companion.)
I'll do you one better, here's a pic:

and for a scale of what your looking at, I stand 6'4"

Where do they hail from?: Living currently near the coast, though I hail from the mountains

A brief character background:
Personality (Shy? Outgoing? Goofy? Bubbly?): Brief background huh, well for now I'm a traveler, I've traveled a long distance in search of something, though as of yet I haven't found it, nor do I know what specifically I'm looking for, but I know its out there. As for personality, I'm quite reserved, easily mistaken for shy. But once I get to know you I'll open up easily enough. And though I am quite a large person, my reserved nature can hide me as easily as a shorter person hiding under a table. Quiet by nature, I can however be quite forcefull if provoked in which case its not so easy to ignore me. I'm a mostly kind and helpful person with a good sence of humor.

Do you have a picture of your character? (Not required): see description

So okay, this guy walks into the inn, and though he doesn't have to duck under the door frame himself, he does have to bend over so his axe'll fit. Behind him outside one can see a large pile of mud and dust that had been kicked off in respect of entering the tavern, that falls out of view as the door closes. Their is still much dust on the guy himself and obviously has been ground in from travel. Once inside he then realises he could probably have removed the axe outside, shrugs, and pulls the axe off placing its butt on the floor, and leaning the axe out in comfort. Taking a look around he wistles at the emptyness, and waits for an echo to return.

"Must be early, hey barkeep, you open for business?"